Are there directions for this adventure?

The children (Anna, turning 6 in Sept and Tom, turning 10 in January) got back from their extended weekend celebrating Father’s Day and we discussed what I had uncovered while they were away. We agreed that we will try to read books by native authors who preferably are still residing in their home country. We also decided that since children don’t see the lines on a map that adults draw, that we would be happy to consider a “group” of people as a “country”, as long as their culture was significantly different. Coming from a country of 11 official languages we understand how a book by a Dutch immigrant might look very different to a book by a Khoi Khoi.

Anyway our goal is still to cover the globe as widely as is possible. To this end I will create an alphabetical list of countries and will also rewrite the list according to region of the world. We also want to cover “literature” as widely as possible, any form of written word is good for us, fiction, non-fiction, adventure, drama, poetry, plays, very modern, very old…They need to be appropriate for a 6 year old girl or a 10 year old boy (or both)

Thanks to Ann who got me in touch with Marcia from the Arab Writers Union and Emma from English Pen, who has me in touch with Deborah of Outside In World.




2 thoughts on “Are there directions for this adventure?

  1. Hi, I would love to know more about your project as I may be interested in doing something similar with my 6 and 9 yr old kids. Also I would be happy to share with you some children’s books that I have from native Indian authors( btw, I am from India).

    • Everything to do with the project is here on the blog. If you have specific questions that are not answered here let me know and I will try to answer them. As I get recommendations that I think are suitable I am updating our list (you will see we have at least one recommendation from about 80 countries so far). Please let me know which Indian books you recommend and I can add them to the list.

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