Into the final countdown – Help!!

I have spent a dark stormy afternoon and evening updating the book list. Wow only 46 days to go before the project kicks off. The children are intrigued by some of the interesting sounding titles we have uncovered. I have not told them we also have plenty of blank countries without a single recommendation!!! Trusting a year will be enough time to get every country ticked off with something amazing literary treasures. My research has highlighted my ignorance about the minute portion of books which are translated into English alongside a strong oral story telling tradition in many nations across the globe. Despite that, I am trusting in the same amazing kindness of strangers which helped us with our “Around the world in 180 postcards” project we did this year. We will have to have a steady flow of 3-4 books per week for a whole year – quite an logistical challenge. Any ideas, thoughts, recommendations most welcome.




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