January 8th – FALKLAND ISLANDS – Waking up to war

Waking up to war

From the Peruvian Andes to an archipelago on the Patagonian shelf and a book written by Lisa Watson, the editor of the islands only newspaper, Penguin News. It is also from a very old fashioned cloth handmade book to our first Kindle read (hence the shocking quality of the pic). We are still in the hands of the librarians though, as it was Coleen Biggs, the Islands librarian, who suggested Lisa’s book to us. Thanks to Lisa for giving us a eyewitness account of the 1982 war from a 12 year old’s perspective. As a recounting of a war it is an easy read and should not put off any parents from reading it or suggesting their children read it. Before we had started, I had allocated the parallel literature project would be that the children rewrite some of the story from a different point of view. Thanks to Lisa’s sensitivity, she had already made suggestions of that herself by including the anecdote of young conscripts who came to the house for what could only be described as parenting. It is a bittersweet account of what war is like through the innocent eyes of childhood, where piecing together all that is going on into a political framework is not even contemplated. We thoroughly enjoyed the book.


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