January 16th – BRAZIL – The History Mystery


Our journey has taken us from a school librarian in Lima to the editor of the only newspaper of the Falklands to a creative Argentine collage artist; now we are in the hands of a Hans Christian Anderson award winner – Brazilian – Ana Maria Machado and her mystery translated by Lusia Baeta. The story takes a group of friends from their history project back to Mesopotamia and Hammurabi and back along the road of history to a very modern technological life. Strange messages appear on mobile phones, computers and radio shows and the team of friends put all the clues together with some helpers along the way. I would love for us to read some of the nearly one hundred books Ana has penned to get a better sense of her as an author. Perhaps also with a different translator. The progress is occasionally slow and at times one dimensional. Her work is definitely to join the list of authors we must go back to next year.


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