January 18th – ECUDAOR – The Adventures of Tamarita Rachel


As Gabriela Mistral’s poem reminded us of other books, so this book reminds us of Joyce Lankester Brisley’s Milly Molly Mandy. It is a very readable account of the day to day adventures of Tamarita and her little sister. It allows daily life in Ecuador, on the other side of the world, to become immediately accessible to younger children. This is true, even if some of the customs, like eating guinea pigs, might be quite at odds with the accepted way of life of the reader. It would be truly wonderful to have books like this written in a great many countries as it is allows young children to see the differences, but also the very great many similarities, of childhood the world wide. Thank you to fellow home educating mom, Andrea Gardiner, for allowing us to be guests in her home, in Ecuador, with Tamarita Rachel and Little Sister Emily.


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