January 19th – SURINAME – The Juju of Basya Ajuku


So we have gone from the innocence and light of Tamarita Rachel’s childhood in Ecuador to a folk tale of the lives of slaves of Suriname. It is a stomach churner and our first chance to face slavery, something which is no doubt going to show its head time and again as we travel the world. The story is an interesting insight into what happened when a slave become too old to work. It also highlights the strong spiritual beliefs which came with the slaves from their roots in West Africa. The story is captured by Jan Voorhoeve and Ursy M Lichtveld in their great work “Creole Drums“, which is not suitable for children, but is a fascinating read for anyone interested in languages, language development, and how language ties with identity in a young, diverse and complex society. We are definitely still on the look out for something else coming from this amazingly beautiful country. Any suggestions?


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